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Our focus is to provide a holistic development in children from L.K.G to Grade I. We focus on a comprehensive development of children through various means of learning. we have a curriculum designed which helps children in learning the natural way with ample opportunities to explore the world around and gain hands-on experiences.


Primary Overview

Grade II to V, has Activity based curriculum with child- centered approach that enables students to explore their surroundings. Concrete experiences with hands- on projects make learning a meaningful and joyful experience for them. Children learn various subjects in stimulating environment at HES. Languages: Both English and Hindi are taught through experiential sharing and writing. Various interesting activities help to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Middle and Senior Department

Gradual transition from concrete experience and conceptualization to abstraction takes place in middle and senior wing. Children are being given higher challenge to reflect upon the situations and analyse to develop independent self owned perspectives. More of discussions and collaborative work help them to imbibe 21st century skills to work in a diverse group dynamics. They evaluate to adjudge different perspectives and arrive at their own opinion through the process of critical thinking. School follows CBSE curriculum which is being further systematically arranged and adorned with assignments by the curriculum developer team to pose adequate challenging situations for the children.