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FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK VISION STATEMENT - “A vibrant learning community with students ‘learning at the core’.”

HES is a child - centric community. A place where each child is loved and accepted for what she/he is. We understand each child is unique. We strive to groom his/her uniqueness rather than trying to make all children 'uniform’. Education here is not about mugging information and presenting it in exam. Education is learning to learn, to explore, to experience, to reflect, to critically think and reach to decisions. It is to be creative. We help children unleash leadership skills. Each one of them being a leader and not few of them leading, winning and rest following. HES is a place where children dance, sing, laugh, enjoy and grow together in freedom, learning to value 'self' and 'others'. Teachers are mentors, facilitators who love their profession, love children and never label them. Each child is valued for being what he/she is. Curriculum developers work incessantly to develop curriculum that caters to differential needs of children, Leaders create conducive environment for learning. Whole community comprising of Curriculum developers, Leaders, Teachers, Activity department, Administrators, Special educators and Parents work together for growth of children. We aspire to make each child a 'Happy' child, a child who Confident, Reflective, Creative Decision Maker. One who doesn't need readymade answers but finds one's own answers. He/she has to compete with self, striving to be better each day and contribute in growth of others as well. We value 'Cooperacy ' not 'Competition'. We understand when a child is loved and valued, she/he learns to love and value self and others.

Wishing happy learning!

Arti Khungar
Principal, HES
M.A. B.Ed.