Performing Arts

HES believes that performing arts help students to develop various arts based skills. As children grow engaging themselves in performing arts, it helps them in meeting development milestones including those for motor skills & psychological skills. Therefore HES concentrate all possible energies and resources towards nurturing artistic awareness amongst the students in joyful learning environment in form of

Dance Theatre Music

Dance curriculum of HES is living example of the country’s secular fabric and cultural diversity. As it give exposure to the children to various dance forms [Classical dance (kathak), Folk dance &free style] of our cultural heritage & traditions. It also provide students with multiple opportunities to explore the diversity in cultures through the study of dance & its history. In dance students get opportunities to use their creativity and create their own dance steps that makes dances class more innovative & joyful.


Theatre is to make an individual confident and capable to understand the issues related to their life & society. At HES theatre curriculum creates an open environment for the child to explore and share their emotions. Theatre allows children to recreate situations and relive them.


Music is an eternal part of our lives as it provides peace of mind. It brings out several expressions of humankind.

HES believes that it is important to expose young children to a variety of instruments , choral arrangements and styles of music to enhance their educational experience & accelerate their academic, social & emotional growth. Also studying music teaches discipline, perseverance & work ethics.

Along with these children seek enjoyment & derive immense pleasure through musical activities in their music classes.It also brings out their creativity in form of self-composed music pattern.