Social Science

Inquiry based learning cycle is the foundation of Social Science Curriculum at HES.

It is framed keeping the principles and values enumerated in NCF 2005 in focus. It encompasses diverse concerns of society and includes a wide range of content, drawn from the disciplines of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Social Science curriculum focuses to develop the skills in learners that are vital to encounter real life problems of society so that they develop the understanding of democratic values.

These values help them to evaluate different points of view and examine information critically to solve problems, build perspective and make decisions on a variety of issues. They also acquire skills of inquiry and communication through field studies.

The knowledge and understanding gained from the study of the Social Science is applied to evaluate differing perspectives on historical, political, economic, geographic, or social issues.Critical reflection pre-supposes a comprehensive curriculum in which learners – both teachers and children – participate in generating knowledge without any latent and manifest forces of coercion. It is through this non-coercive and participatory mode that children and teachers stand the best chance of making teaching and learning interesting, enjoyable and empowering.